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Maintain your investment with regular carpet cleaning in Cranbourne

In order for carpets to remain in top condition in your Cranbourne home, carpet cleaning is essential. Carpets are an expensive investment for homeowners and if not properly cared for can cost you more money in early replacement. At On Stage Steam Cleaning we are committed to helping you get the most out of your carpets. We perform regular carpet cleaning on your carpets to ensure they not only look great but to also increase the lifespan. Our cleaning also eradicates any pollutants and bacteria that are living within your dirty carpets to ensure your health is not affected. Our deep steam carpet cleaning method in Cranbourne At On Stage Steam Cleaning we utilise the deep steam carpet cleaning method to produce superior results. Water is heated to a very high temperature and is then applied to the carpet. Owing to the temperature, the water penetrates into the carpet and produces a thorough clean. Despite water being used, it does not soak the carpet because of its high temperature. Therefore, you can enjoy speedy drying time.

Why we prefer deep steam to dry carpet cleaning in Cranbourne

We favour the deep steam carpet cleaning method in Cranbourne for a number of reasons. Firstly, it eradicates stubborn stains quickly. When hot water is applied to the carpet it attacks stains right through the carpeting to the bottom. There is no other method, which can achieve these deep clean. While the dry cleaning method does its best to fight stains, unfortunately all it does is disguise them. Rather than eliminating the stain from the source, carpet cleaners apply chemicals, which end up concealing the stain by lighting the fabric. However, it isn’t long until the clean look disappears and the stain becomes visible again. If you would like to utilise our carpet cleaning service in Cranbourne, call our friendly team today on (03) 9777 5804.